See how it works

Enter all 
the necessary information
Send a text to the relatives 
and friends of the deceased
An electronic obituary 
makes it easier to review information

Step 1

Entering all the necessary information


You can order an Funeral Card in person at one of our partner funeral companies. In this case, the employee who is preparing the funeral ceremony and last farewell, in agreement with the family, enters the necessary information into the Funeral Card system - such as the name and photo of the deceased, the dates of birth and death, a few words about the deceased, the date and venue of the last farewell, funeral ceremony, mass, rosary service, special requests and information from the family (e.g., that no funeral banquet is planned, that they do not wish to receive condolences). The formalities are completed by sending a text to the mobile phone number of the person organising the ceremony.

You can also complete this step yourself by ordering an Funeral Card online.

Step 2

Sharing the notice with relatives and friends


The person in charge of the funeral formalities distributes the text or e-mail received from the funeral company to the relatives and friends of the deceased. It takes just one click to send an electronic obituary. Simply select the 'Forward' button then a messenger on your phone such as WhatsApp or Skype, or select the 'Share on Facebook' button.


Step 3

All the major information in one place


A text or e-mail message sent with the Funeral Card system contains a short notification of the person's death and a link to a special, personalised web page (electronic obituary). It contains the essential organisational information and a link to navigate to the designated places associated with a particular farewell ceremony, a link to the online streaming service, a link to a store to purchase flowers delivered to a designated place and a module for expressing condolences.