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Condolences and memories

The Funeral Card enables you to send your condolences or post memories of the deceased - both text and photos. This is a very nice and discreet way of showing support to the family and honouring the memory of the deceased.


The messages are only available among those who have received the Funeral Card. Collected in one place, they form a unique virtual book of condolences.  

This functionality of the Funeral Card can be used from anywhere in the world. Thus, people who are unable to attend the ceremony due to distance or physical limitations, for example, can mark their presence in this way, share their memories and express their condolences to the family. 


The module for adding condolences and memories is located below the text of the electronic obituary. When you click the 'ADD CONDOLENCES' button, an edit box opens.

One entry can include a text of up to 600 characters with spaces and three photos and your individual signature. All entries are authenticated and activated in one of four ways: via text message, e-mail, a Google account or a Facebook account. Thanks to the authentication through Google and Facebook, the photo of the person sending the condolences will appear in the signature. The application administrators can remove inappropriate content, but cannot edit individual posts.

    You can add a text of up to 600 characters with spaces and three photos  in one entry and include your own individual signature.