We help you remember about online streaming

Online streaming

If you are unable to attend the funeral of your loved ones due to a long distance or other limitations, we will provide a substitute for you through our secure online streaming service.


It is available worldwide, but only for those who receive the Funeral Card.

Being able to watch the broadcast together despite the physical distance gives you a sense of closeness. The family and friends can feel an intimate fellowship for a brief moment and unite in prayer and remembrance.

One of the significant advantages of online streaming is its accessibility from anywhere in the world - ceremonies held in Poland can be watched by family members and friends in other countries.

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We know from experience that online transmissions may give rise to distrust due to some concerns about the involvement of outsiders, the security of sharing the image on the Internet or undesired use of the recording. The Funeral Card application guarantees safety in all of these aspects - the link to the online coverage is made available only in the Funeral Card notice. This means that only those family members and friends who have previously received a link to the electronic obituary, sent in a text message or e-mail by the family member in charge of the funeral arrangements, can watch the streaming.

There is no way for the video to be posted on YouTube or social media, for example, without the decision of those who have received the notice in the Funeral Card application. If the family want to stream the ceremony on Facebook, that is possible, but it is always their personal decision.