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Why the Funeral Card?

The Funeral Card comes to the rescue when you are overwhelmed by emotions and  the paperwork associated with funeral arrangements.


It optimises communication. It makes it easy to reach long-lost family members friends, colleagues of the deceased, eliminates sharing the same information multiple times and is secure - only family decide who receives an exclusive link with the notice and access to the video broadcast.


The Funeral Card helps you remember o the funeral details and reminisce about the deceased.

Advantages of the Funeral Card:

Optimised communication

The Funeral Card helps you to pass information about the death of a loved one quickly and lets you avoid uncomfortable situations. Since the notification is in the form of a text message, it is almost never ignored by the recipient. The family members of the deceased person always decide about sending the notification. They have a real influence on what information is shared and with whom. The notified relatives and friends can further share the Funeral Card with other interested recipients. Thus, the family members in charge of the funeral arrangements do not have to constantly answer the same questions about the date, time and venue of the funeral.


A unique link to the funeral notice is only shared with the family or those responsible for the funeral arrangements. They decide who will get the notification and the link to the video broadcast.

Precise reach

Nowadays, everyone carries a mobile phone and looks at it at least a dozen times a day. By sending a text message, you can be sure to notify the exact people you want to. This is a more reliable and quicker way to get the word out than posting newspaper, online or traditional obituaries.

Personal nature of the notice 

The Funeral Card contains an individual message - a commemorative photograph of the deceased, information about the date of death, age, a few words describing the deceased, as well as precise organisational information about the farewell ceremony, funeral and banquet; all complemented by a module in which all notified persons can express their condolences, add memories and attach photos.

Worldwide availability

The Funeral Card contains features such as ordering flowers to be delivered to the ceremony, expressing condolences and sharing memories. Video streaming can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Thus, people who are unable to attend the ceremony due to distance or physical limitations, for example, can mark their presence in this way, share their memories and express their condolences to the family.

Navigating to the ceremony venue

Those coming to the funeral from other cities will certainly appreciate this feature. Thanks to integrating the Funeral Card service with Google Maps, it is possible to navigate to the locations indicated in the notification and plan the journey.

Buying flowers with delivery to the ceremony

The Funeral Card provides a safe, fast and convenient way to purchase flowers with delivery to the funeral ceremony. This is very helpful and convenient for those unable to attend the funeral or have a long distance to travel. The service is provided by our partners. Find out more about this service.

Secure online streaming

This is a great option for those who are unable to attend the funeral due to a long distance or other limitations. It provides a substitute for intimacy through a secure real-time video connection. The broadcast is available worldwide, but only for those who have received the Funeral Card. The service is provided by our partners. Find out more about this service.

A place for memories

Each person notified has the opportunity to share their memories of the deceased. Both text and photos can be added. You can also show support and offer words of comfort to the family at the most appropriate time as they await the funeral ceremony.

Simplicity and intuitiveness

No special knowledge or skills are needed to prepare an Funeral Card. It takes a few minutes to prepare the content of the notification. Check how to use the Funeral Card service.