We help you remember to order flowers


The Funeral Card is a practical tool for ordering flowers for a funeral. It enables a safe, quick and convenient online purchase of floral arrangements of your choice, with the option of being delivered to the funeral ceremony. 


This is very helpful and convenient when you are unable to attend the funeral or have a long distance to travel.

The personalised web page, which constitutes an electronic obituary, features the 'ORDER FLOWERS' button. By clicking it, you will be redirected to the photo gallery of floral arrangements (wreaths and bouquets) offered by the funeral home that is organising the last farewell ceremony. You can choose and order flowers from the comfort of your home. The flowers will be delivered to the church, chapel or cemetery on the day of the ceremony, right on time.

Your order must be placed 24 hours before the ceremony at the latest - this time is necessary for the funeral home to prepare the order. Payment for your order is securely finalised through well-known online payment operators.

    The service is provided by our Partners - Check where to order!