back... Take care of yourself

When fate forces us to take care of funeral arrangements, we can face many organisational and emotional challenges. It is worth remembering that there are people around us who are ready to help and support.

First and foremost, these are our loved ones, friends and acquaintances; then, the funeral company employees, professionals who accompany us in mourning and psychologists. It is always a good idea to ask for help when you need it.

In any matters related to the organisation of the funeral, you can count on the support of funeral company employees. Advisors from companies providing quality services will certainly have a lot of empathy for us. They will ask for a relevant authorisation to act on your behalf and complete formalities in the Registry Office or the Social Security Institution. They will thoughtfully enquire about many details of the ceremony to meet the expectations and wishes of the deceased and their family.

How can a funeral company help you?

At the funeral company, you will choose:

  • the date and time of the funeral or cremation

  • the cemetery and burial site

  • the coffin or urn

  • the type of religious service held by a clergy person or the details of a secular funeral held by a master of ceremonies

The funeral company can also help prepare flower decorations and music for the ceremony, order wreaths and bouquets, arrange the cortege, print traditional obituaries, post obituaries in daily newspapers or send out the electronic funeral notice - Funeral Card.

Online streaming of the funeral ceremony

The funeral company can also be commissioned to prepare an online broadcast of the ceremony so that all those interested can participate in it, even from the furthest parts of the world.

Electronic obituary

The loss itself and the duty to notify the family members, friends, acquaintances, other people from work or school and people with whom the deceased shared interests can all be an emotional challenge. An electronic funeral notice, which can even reach people you do not stay in touch with, will help convey the information. Thanks to the notice, you will not have to answer again and again the same questions about the organisational details. Therefore, the person organising the funeral ceremony gains space to relax, calm down, concentrate on preparations for the ceremony and take care of their own mental comfort.

In this difficult time of preparations for the funeral, it is worth taking care of your well-being so that the last farewell is a really special day that will, nevertheless, be a positive experience for the mourners.