back... Everything you should know about the Funeral Card

Electronic Funeral Card have been in Poland for several years. Check out what a modern electronic obituary is and how it works.

The Funeral Card comes to the rescue when you are overwhelmed by emotions and the paperwork associated with funeral arrangements. It helps you inform all those interested - family members, friends and colleagues of the deceased - about the death and the planned funeral ceremony. This includes those you have not been in touch with for a long time. With the Funeral Card, you do not have to repeat the same information multiple times. In addition, the notice is secure - the family decide who receives the text message or e-mail with a unique link to the notice and thus will be able to purchase flowers with the option of delivery to the ceremony, join the online broadcast, express condolences and share memories. The notified relatives and friends can further share the Funeral Card with others.

What does an electronic obituary contain?

A personalised electronic obituary is more than just a notification of the date, time and venue of the funeral ceremony. The Funeral Card also includes additional features:

  • a place for a photograph of the deceased,
  • an option to include personal wishes of the deceased, their favourite quote,
  • navigation to the places associated with a specific farewell ceremony,
  • an option to order flowers delivered to the place of the ceremony (you can pay for the flowers quickly and safely online, and our partners will take care of the order),
  • an option to post condolences and memories,
  • secure online streaming of the ceremony with access only through the Funeral Card,
  • an easy sharing option.

Explore all functionalities of the Funeral Card that are available from anywhere in the world.

How to use Funeral Card?

The Funeral Card can be ordered in person at the funeral company. In this case, employee of a funeral company, in agreement with the family, enters the necessary information into the Funeral Card system, such as the name and photo of the deceased, the dates of birth and death, a few words about the deceased, the date and venue of the last farewell, funeral ceremony, mass, rosary service, special requests and information from the family (e.g., that no funeral banquet is planned, that they do not wish to receive condolences). The formalities are completed by sending a text message to the mobile phone number of the person organising the ceremony. The notice can also be sent to an e-mail address.

The person in charge of the funeral formalities distributes the text message or e-mail received from the funeral company to the relatives and friends of the deceased.

The Funeral Card can also be ordered online.


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